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We chose a celebrant to conduct our wedding for us because we really liked the idea of having a personal ceremony written especially for us.   We both have children from previous relationships, so focusing on bringing our two families together was important for us.   We’d spoken to a registrar and it seemed as if we would have to work around some restrictions on the content and where we could hold our ceremony.  

We were feeling as if we would never be able to have exactly what we wanted but then someone said we should look for a ‘celebrant’ and we never looked back!   Finding Shropshire Ceremonies was the beginning of us having our dream wedding and brought back joy and enthusiasm to an event which had lost its way.

Carole was so helpful and a mine of information!   She listened while we explained what we wanted our ceremony to be like and when we asked if we could have all the things we wanted, we heard the magic words – ‘Yes, you can!’   

She was fabulous: she came up with some brilliant ideas for our ceremony and filled us with confidence, she was lovely to work with, understanding us and who we were.  She wrote a fabulous ceremony and conducted it beautifully, just the right amount of fun and sincerity.  Everybody loved her.  What more could any Bride want?  What more can I say?

You can talk to Carole about your ceremony plans on 07734 859 657 or email on