Special Anniversaries

If you have a special anniversary coming up and would like a centrepiece to a special celebration for the whole family, you can have a ceremony designed and conducted especially for you.

The ceremony will be written to celebrate your relationship at whatever point you're at - whether it's a First Anniversary or a Golden one!

Many couples feel that a Renewal of Vows Ceremony isn't appropriate for them - after all, the vows they made to each other on their wedding day don't have a time limit!   But over time, the joys and sorrows you share and support each other through mean that your relationship continues to grow and change.   If you have children, maybe grandchildren, your priorities alter from the ones you had as a young couple just starting out in life. 

A ceremony on your special anniversary gives you chance to acknowledge the change in your relationship, to say the 'thank-you's' that have been in your heart but perhaps not said out loud, to tell your children the difference they have made to your lives.

For young couples, perhaps you didn't have everyone you wanted at your wedding celebrations, perhaps you'd like the chance for something more personal than a formal wedding ceremony, so an Anniversary Ceremony could be just the reason you need to get everyone together for a more relaxed occasion.

An experienced celebrant will work with you to talk about all the options open to you and your ceremony will be written especially for you.    There is no restriction on the time or place your ceremony can be held - so if you'd like something to start off an evening celebration, or hold an informal celebration in your own home or garden - the choice is yours!