THIS PAGE IS IN 2 PARTS - The first is about Celebration of Marriage Ceremonies, the second is about completing the legalities.

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What is a Celebration of Marriage Ceremony?     It’s a different option for your wedding ceremony.   Instead of choosing between a religious church wedding or a standard civil ceremony -  you can choose to work with an experienced celebrant who will design and write your very own wedding ceremony, totally personal to you - but you’ll need to complete the legal side of things separately.

Our venue isn’t licensed for weddings, can we have our ceremony there? Yes, you can.   Because you are doing the legal part separately, it means you can have your Celebration Ceremony anywhere you like, even outside or somewhere without a ceremony licence.

How does it work?   Think of it as a ‘2-step process’, similar to the way people marry in some other countries.   1 part the civil marriage formalities, 1 part the personal celebration of your marriage.  So you are legally married - but you also have a very special ceremony to share with your families and friends.

Can our Celebration Ceremony be just like a traditional wedding?        Yes, it can.
From the Bride being given away, to vows, rings – even signing a certificate – as traditional as you like!

Can we have a Handfasting or include a prayer?  Yes, you can.  We have lots of experience of many different cultures, beliefs and styles of ceremonies – and there is no restriction on any wording in our ceremonies.

Can you write a ceremony to match our theme?      Yes, we can.   We love a challenge!

We both have children, can we include them in the Celebration Ceremony? 
Yes, you can.   We have lots of ideas to make sure your children are involved and play a special part.

We’re not very good with ideas, where do we begin?  You don’t need to worry!   Your Celebrant will have loads of experience, ideas and advice and be with you every step of the way - and do all the hard work of designing and writing your ceremony for you.

How much does a Celebration Ceremony cost?   We pride ourselves on offering the best quality service we can for the lowest price.   Including all the meetings, writing the original wording, rehearsal and conducting the ceremony, the fee for a bespoke Celebration Ceremony in 2018 is £495.   Comparing like for like - that’s fantastic value!   


How do we do the legal part?               Most couples do this at a register office and choose only to repeat the 2 legal phrases and then sign the register along with 2 witnesses.

Do we have to exchange our wedding rings or say any vows?          This is at the ‘heart’ of a wedding for most people.   As you don’t have to exchange rings to be legally married and vows aren’t part of the legal words - you can save this for your Celebration Ceremony.

Do we have to use our local register office?     You can have the ceremony in any register office or approved venue in the country.  Lots of couples choose to go to a register office somewhere special to them – but you give your Notices of Marriage in your local register office.

What is a Notice of Marriage?    It’s like having Banns read in church.   Everyone having a civil marriage has to do this no matter where they are having the ceremony.   It costs £35 each.

How much does a civil ceremony in a register office cost?     Couples having a Celebration Ceremony usually want to keep this cost to a minimum.   A ceremony should be available at register offices at certain times of the week for as little as £50.