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Are you looking for something different for your wedding?

We can offer you the chance to have a completely unique ceremony that is a true Celebration of your Marriage!  

The way you can have a totally personal, exclusive and affordable ceremony is to arrange to complete the legal side of your marriage separately in a simple ceremony at a register office or other authorised venue.

... this means you can work with a dedicated Ceremony Designer who will help you create your very own Celebration of Marriage Ceremony, and you can make your personal vows and exchange your wedding rings with all your family and friends around you in whatever venue you choose.

Read on, and find out more ... or call Carole on  07734 859 657  who will explain the details.  

Celebration of Marriage Ceremonies.    There are so many decisions to make when you are planning your wedding - and one choice many couples don't realise they have is about what kind of ceremony they have.

Maybe you've found your perfect venue and been disappointed to find it doesn't have a civil ceremony licence - a Celebration of Marriage Ceremony means you can have your wedding where you want: gardens, woodland, village halls, private homes ... wherever! and make all your dreams come true.  

You may have been to the kind of wedding ceremony that seems impersonal, very formal or over in the blink of an eye - and have decided you want something more significant, something that reflects the kind of people you are, something that makes your guests go 'WOW' rather than - 'Was that it?'.

We offer you the chance to have a tailor-made wedding ceremony that can be as traditional or different as you like, with no restrictions on when, where or how.

So welcome to Shropshire Ceremonies - where every ceremony is a one-off unique occasion, where we never do the same ceremony twice!

How it works
You might think that you wouldn't know where to begin on designing a ceremony - the great news is - you don't have to!   You will work with your own Ceremony Designer and Celebrant who will help with lots of ideas to inspire you and advice to help you make decisions on what you would like included in your ceremony.  

All the hard work of designing the ceremony and writing the original wording is done for you, making the whole process a relaxed and enjoyable part of your wedding planning.  

So whether you know exactly how you want your ceremony to be - or like the idea of having some support and suggestions - your ceremony will be written for you exactly as you want it - romantic and sincere, traditional or incorporating different beliefs, fun-filled or with a special theme.

As the law stands at present, you will need to complete the legalities for your marriage separately at a register office or other approved venue.   You can save making your vows and exchanging wedding rings for your  personal, bespoke Celebration Ceremony.  

It opens up all kinds of opportunities, just think of the celebration you could have...
... hold your ceremony in a marquee on the lawn, in the countryside, beside a pool
... include your children in your ceremony, rather than just following on as attendants

... or after the formalities of a daytime civil marriage ceremony, how about making your
vows in an evening ceremony designed to get your party started?

What to do next
A Celebration Ceremony gives you the chance to have a ceremony that's as special and unique as your relationship - and you'll be surprised at how affordable it is to have an original, personal ceremony to celebrate the happiest day of your lives.   Tell us what your plans are and we'll be happy to give you a quote, or click on the FEES link at the top of the page.

Every Ceremony is different, so if you have any questions at all, or would like to arrange a 'no-obligation' meeting to chat over your ideas - please just give us a call. 

Once you decide this is for you - we'll be there to guide you through the legalities and help you with everything to do with the ceremony.  

Contact us   Give Carole a call to talk about this way to have a ceremony that fits with modern couples' lifestyles and shows you've taken care and thought about the most important part of your wedding - the ceremony when you make your vows to one another and exchange your wedding rings in front of the people who mean most to you.

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